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Publication - Quasi-cose
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Quasi-cose. La realtà dei sentimenti

Tonino Griffero
Quasi-cose. La realtà dei sentimenti
Bruno Mondadori Editore, Milano
152 pages, 2013
ISBN 9788861597693

What are quasi-things? First of all atmospheres, that is, feelings poured out into space and that we usually cannot change, but also pain, whose aggressiveness is at the same time a guarantee of identity of the subject. And then shame, both personal and vicarious (the one we feel for those who "should" be ashamed!); the felt-body, whose "isles" exceed the organs of the physical body; the look, so aggressive, in everyday life as in a portrait, that it produces a hemorrhage of our identity; and finally the twilight in its evocative vagueness.We all describe quasi-things, locate them into a space, recognize their intersubjective and amodal identity and, above all, affectively perceive their intrusiveness. Although ephemeral, intermittent, and without a cause outside of themselves, quasi-things, in fact, establish a specific communication with the felt-body of the perceiver, creating the emotional space in which he is located and that affects him in many ways . A philosophy that wishes to be not an abstract exercise, but a reflection on how we feel here and now, must then recognize that quasi-things and the affective qualities they generate are to be necessarily included in any ontological repertory worthy of that name.

  • Premessa
  1. Le quasi-cose vanno e vengono senza che ci si possa chiedere dove sono state nel frattempo (a partire dal vento)
  2. Le quasi-cose aggrediscono e ci resistono: i sentimenti come atmosfere
  3. Le quasi-cose si sentono (ma non localizzano): le isole del corpo-proprio
  4. Le quasi-cose sono prove dell’esistenza: il dolore come genesi del soggetto
  5. Le quasi-cose ci contagiano (anche indirettamente): la vergogna vicaria
  6. Le quasi-cose comunicano con noi: dallo sguardo al ritratto (e ritorno)
  7. Le quasi-cose sono tanto più efficaci quanto più vaghe: crepuscolarismo
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Full bibliography of Tonino Griffero: http://www.sensibilia.it/Griffero.html

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