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Call for papers: The experience economy - Int|AR Volume 06
par International Ambiances Network on 

Call for papers: The experience economy in Building Interventions and Adaptive Reuse

Int|AR - Interventions | Adaptive Reuse - Volume 06

In the global economic decline increasing interest in growth through creative industries that cater to enhanced consumption has resulted in new forms of tourism and culture. In the urban and architectural context, the experience economy and its design and production of experience has focused in particular on unprecedented spatial encounters within the built environment. From innovative tourism to hospitality and retail, the creation of such experience often originates from inimitable settings. In Volume 06 of Int|AR we seek built or unbuilt projects and ideas that uncover the hidden potential of existing spaces, buildings and structures, empty and unmarked, so as to gain new qualitative, and therefore economic, value for the production of new experience. We seek proposals of no more than 250 words interpreting and investigating the “the experience economy and adaptive reuse”.

Established in 2009 as the first American academic publication focusing on Design and Adaptive Reuse, the Int|AR Journal (Interventions | Adaptive Reuse) explores this inherently sustainable practice through multi-faceted investigations and paradigmatic examples.

Int|AR is a peer reviewed journal, published annually and reviewed worldwide. It is available online at EBSCO host, on Amazon and distributed in Europe and North America by BIRKHÄUSER.

Submission requirements

Send a Word document and images /captions by:
  • Proposals 250 words_ July 07, 2014 (first round)
  • Notification of abstract acceptances by July 18, 2014 - Full Paper 1000-3000 words_ Sep. 29, 2014

Email to: intarjournal@risd.edu

Contact editors

  • Markus Berger Associate Professor, Co-Editor in Chief
  • Jeffrey Katz Associate Editor
  • Liliane Wong Professor, Co-Editor in Chief

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