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Call for Action: Re(s)on-art
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Call for Action: Re(s)on-art | An International Artistic Research Conference with Actions in Public Space

September 9-12, 2014, Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to participate in an international artistic research conference organized within the research project: In Situ-Action: Resonance, Improvisation and Variation of Public Space at the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design. http://playingthespace.wordpress.com/

The conference is planned in collaboration with and coordinated as the second of three international events in 2014:
  • FASE, Sound Art Festival in Berlin June 11-13, www.fasefest.org/
  • Re(s)on-Art, in Stockholm Sept. 9-12.
  • International Congress on Sonic and Audivisual Spaces, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, December 2-5.


The aim of the conference Re(son)-Art is to explore public daily situations and to encourage daily urban awareness by collective actions, described as “the art of resonating with/in/through the city”. This means that the exploration will take the form of careful interventions, based in the participants’ own research and artistic practise.

How are spatial transformations played out, how does it sound, what rhythms does it reinforce? What kind of different voices, expressions and collective actions are supported by contemporary architecture and planning? Where do we find interesting thought-provoking social and cultural manifestations?

We welcome groups of artists/researchers/architects/planners to contribute by sending a short description of an action that can be collectively performed during the conference in Stockholm. The planned action should be developed and performed in situ, during the conference, by the participants under guidance of the proponents. In this collective setting a wide range of methods, theories and tools will contribute to the (mis)understanding of the city.


We welcome applications written in the Scandinavian and Latin languages (preferable your own) or English. It should contain a clear description of a short action (20-30 min) in text, drawings, maps, images, collage or other means; carefully composed on One Page:
  1. Title of action. Names and professions of the group, freelance/institution.
  2. Aim and questions: Describe which daily situation the action highlights, how it resonates with the city, its background/theory/concepts
  3. Description and instructions for the action, kind of place (square/street/metro/building or other), time of day, amount of people in the action...
  4. Documentation: describe how documentation is consciously integrated in the action

The reason for the One Page composition is that the applications will be part of a final publication - a “Book of Instructions” including a selection of the proposed actions and documentations of the actions performed during the conference.

Application Deadline: Send the application to: resonart@arkdes.se before June 16, 2014. You will receive an answer to the application in the beginning of July.

More information: download the PDF

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