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CFP - Sound and Listening in Healthcare and Therapy
par International Ambiances Network on 

Call for papers: Sound and Listening in Healthcare and Therapy

SoundEffects, the interdisciplinary journal of sound and sound experience
Edited by Iben Have and Marie Højlund

In the building of healthcare settings the impact of our sensory surroundings on our general well being and healing process is being highlighted as a key area of interest to be met as a part of the overall architectural approach described under concepts such as Evidence Based Design, Healing Architecture, Hospital for The Senses. Unfolding these visions in the auditive area calls for reflections on how sound and music can be thought as an integrated part of such a multisensory design, art or architectural or atmospheric approach of shared spaces.

Currently we also experience an increasing interest in different kinds of digital self-help audio material, storable in smartphones and suitable for mobile, modern everyday life. Various therapeutic audio material (spoken, musical, sound designed) is offered by psychologist, pharmacies and (self-taught) therapists on the Internet. Investigations of the psychological as well as somatic effects of perceived sound are central in this issue of SoundEffects, and we would like also to encourage contributions on voice and organized sound addressing sound and health in relation to specific media, genres, needs, disorders, and social and cultural behavior.

Another relevant perspective is auscultation and other practices of listening aided by acoustic and technological devices used in healthcare. Currently sonification of data is an emerging field of research, as well as artists exploring alternative forms of technological-aided listening beyond the limitations of human capabilities, termed non-cochlear- ultra- and infra-sound.
We seek concepts, methods and tools for analyzing, designing, evaluating and unfolding the acoustic shared environment considering site-specificity as well as individual, social, technological and cultural listening circumstances in relation to health. Contributions to this volume are invited to explore (but not restricted to) the following themes related to healthcare:

  • Ecological approaches to shared sound, music and listening.
  • Sound design and music for shared atmospheres.
  • Alternative interfaces for interactive sound and music.
  • Generative soundscapes, music and dynamic composition.
  • Audio technologies for social interaction and individual listening.
  • Tools and methods for sound design and evaluation of sound design.
  • Shared and individual listening and coping strategies.
  • Audio therapy and mobile listening.
  • Music therapy and Music intervention.
  • Sound and somatic cure
  • Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), whispering, and spoken word therapy.
  • Sonification, auscultation and other technological aided listening tactics
  • Non-cochlear-, infra- and ultra-sound listening

Important dates:

  • Abstract deadline (300 words): April 30, 2015. Please send the abstract by mail to: ibenhave@dac.au.dk & musmkh@dac.au.dk
  • Decision regarding the abstracts: May 8, 2015
  • Article deadline (depending on a positive review of the abstract): October 19, 2015
  • Published: February 2016

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