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CFP - Animating public space? Between urban programming and citizen activation
par International Ambiances Network on 

Call for papers: Animating public space? Between urban programming and citizen activation

Special Issue directed by Pascale Pichon and Jean-Paul Thibaud

This issue deals with the modes of animation of contemporary space, whether intentional or not, instigated by in habitants, officials or citizens, artists, urban planners or designers. Contributors are encouraged to discuss the different meanings of these practices of "animation" according to the perspectives considered, and to account for the situation processes at stake, from the inten- tions of the actors to the consequences of the action.

The papers will focus on public space, treated as an open, concrete space, with its physical and architectural materialities, ordinary or remarkable ambiances, social practices and rituals. This public space is divided up into many singular and moving places. Whether developed or not, in- vested by ordinary people, passers by or residents, public policies leave their mark on decisions regarding development, and the commemorative or festive management of cultural events. This registry of animation policies can be questioned using concrete examples and can give rise to a critical point of view.

Authors should send their proposal of article of 3000-5000 signs to the guest editors of the Journal, prior to January 20th 2016:

The summary and the article itself can be submitted either in French or English. Graphic and/or sound accompanying the text are welcome.

The proposals will be examined by the guest editors and the members of the editorial board. After selection, authors will send their full article (between 25000 and 50000 characters) before May 20th 2016. Each contribution will be evaluated according to the standards of the Journal (two blind-review).

Contributors are invited to write their papers according to the note to authors: http://ambiances.revues.org/163

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