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The International Ambiances Network aims at structuring and developing the research field of architectural and urban ambiances. It wishes to promote the sensory domain in the questioning and design of lived space

The International Ambiances Network is a thematic scientific network which aims to federate and to promote work relating to ambiances, to the sensory design of architectural and urban spaces and to the understanding of the ontologies, forms and powers of the affective intensities of atmospheres. It considers the sensory field in the ways of thinking and designing the spaces that are produced, experienced, practiced and represented. This approach to the built environment involves the sound, light, olfactory, thermal, tactile, kinesthetic and other dimensions of the world. It also involves the cultural, social and political dimensions of the situated bodily experience. The International Ambiances Network advocates multi-sensorial and multidisciplinary approaches. It is aimed at researchers, academics, professionals, artists and students from various horizons and covers the field of research as well as design activities, teaching practices and artistic actions. At the present moment, the network brings together nearly 1,100 individual members (whose distribution on the surface of the planet can be seen on the map below), spread over more than sixty countries. It also has some thirty teams (research, educational, professional groups) associated with it. Each year, this network contributes to the organization (scientific, financial and logistical) of at least one international thematic conference, several scientific seminars and educational workshops.

Location of the members of the Network (basemap: carto.com)


  • To organize the field of architectural and urban ambiances
  • To develop a synergy between research and design activities
  • To promote research collaborations and cooperations
  • To link research and pedagogy
  • To enhance the research related to ambiances



  • Organization of yearly seminars and quadriennal congresses
  • Assistance in pedagogical experience, workshops and exchanges
  • Initiation of a documentation center on ambiances



Jean-Paul THIBAUD, Grenoble, France



  • Damien MASSON, Cergy, France
  • Nicolas REMY, Volos, Greece


Credit and support

The International Ambiances Network is an initiative of UMR 1563 Ambiances Architectures Urbanités (AAU), composed of:

  • CRENAU, Centre de Recherche Nantais Architectures Urbanités, Graduate School of Architecture of Nantes, Ecole Centrale Nantes, France,
  • CRESSON, Centre de recherche sur l’espace sonore et l’environnement urbain, Graduate School of Architecture of Grenoble, France.

It is financially supported by:

  • The Graduate School of Architecture of Grenoble
  • The French Ministry of Culture (from 2008 to 2023)


The Ambiance etwork is supported by