Welcome to the new International Ambiances Network website. As the contents of the old site are currently being migrated, you can consult our archives on archive.ambiances.net

Nature of the Network

The International Ambiances Network gathers researchers, academics, students and practitioners from various backgrounds, who aim at promoting research and experimentation in the field of architectural and urban ambiances.

The International Ambiances Network has no legal personality. It is represented by its Direction. For its functioning, it gets fundings from several government agencies. It has no commercial or profit purposes.


Join the Network

Membership to the International Ambiances Network is only doable through www.ambiances.net website. Becoming a member of the Network allows:

  • to submit information related to a research, teaching or other topics of interest to the Network;
  • to subscribe to the mailing list of the Network;
  • to take part in the actions of the Network, like organizing seminars, publishing editorials and so on.

Personal Data

The International Ambiances Network (Steering Committee and Head) is the sole owner of the data stored on its website www.ambiances.net .

The International Ambiances Network undertakes not to make any commercial use of data, text or media deposited on its website.

The International Ambiances Network agrees not to distribute, in any manner whatsoever, the personal data of its members, including their email address.


Rights and Duties

Every contributor of this website remains the owner of the messages and/or texts he or she proposes, as well as of the intellectual property rights attached thereto.

Every contributor of this website agrees not to distribute contents he or she does not own, nor to make use of plagiarism.

Any visitor to this website must respect the rights concerning the intellectual property of the authors. In particular, he or she shall not reproduce and distribute contributions posted on this website on other media without the consent of the Steering Committee of the International Ambiances Network. He or she nevertheless can reproduce the content for private use by always adding the source.


Referencing Messages

All contributions published on this website may be referenced on a search engine, therefore, be viewed by an audience outside of the site.


Editing and Deleting Messages

Any user can request the modification or deletion of its own messages by contacting the International Ambiances Network. [insérer lien vers formulaire de contact].


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