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”empirical: embodiment in architecture & neuroscience”

May 4th, 2016, 13.30 – Archizoom / 1015 Lausanne, EPFL Campus, SG 1211
Architectonic space engages several aspects of embodiment. While embodiment is a well-studied phenomenon in cognitive neuroscience, little is known about the impact of architecture on human behavior and self-consciousness. Here, we propose a symposium that promotes empirical scientific methods for architecture, studying the subjective experience of the body in space modulated by the facets of the environment.
Visuo-spatial effects of the arts on emotional states have been investigated for more than a decade through neuroaesthetics. Today knowledge about the effects of architecture on the body, feelings, emotions and wellbeing is sparse. We argue that findings from neuroscience can be implemented to the architectural design process for the improvement and enhancement of the user’s experience of space. The symposium “empirical: embodiment in architecture & neuroscience” is dedicated to architects, neuroscientists and engineers, who are interested in initiating a community centered on space design. Architects and planners are facing today unprecedented challenges – and, in the same measure, there are scientific and technological advancements under development that have not been tested for architectural purposes yet.
Guest talks
  • Theory, Culture, and Architectural Research by Harry Mallgrave
  • The embodied image by Juhani Pallasmaa


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