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Resensitizing cities: urban ambiances and senses


CRAB Auditorium,
Rio de Janeiro, Brésil


A propos

Resensitizing cities: urban ambiances and senses

RESENSITIZING CITIES is an event that integrates the preparatory agenda for the UIA 2020, promoted by LASC / Proarq UFRJ, along with the extension course « Thinking ambiances through subjectivity – V edition ».

We aim to investigate the practice of urban daily life and the study of rhythms of life, intertwined with the daily life of cities, on a small scale. Through the look at senses that interfere in uses and appropriations in the urban environment, we intend to deepen the thinking about strategies of articulation between the urban experience and the affectivity in the great metropolis.

There will be a 3 and half-day workshop + international conference with renowned speakers from the Ambiances Network, such as the prominent researchers Jean François Augoyard and Jean-Paul Thibaud.

The routine of the event includes the presentation of papers and also the accomplishment of experiences in the streets through a central result coming from the workshops of theoretical and practical reflections.

After the papers presentation sessions, there will be discussions on the following morning for the elaboration of action strategies in the streets of the central region of Rio de Janeiro, in order to apply experiments = « resensitizations ».

It is important to emphasize that the papers submitted to this event may contain suggestions but do not necessarily have to present action proposals for experiments, since these will be defined together in the discussions of the axes (check the texts that define the thematic axes).

The conference, therefore, aims to contribute to urban planners, architects and thinkers on urban issues so as to understand the expectations of the human being with regard to their spaces, perceiving it as a center, actor, constructor and mainly part of the elaboration of their projects. It is intended to highlight the theme of sensitive urban environments, demonstrating the role of humanized and humanizing urban projects for contemporary metropolises, aligned with the idea of ​​human sustainability for the future of our cities.

Conference organizers

Cristiane Rose Duarte/PROARQ/UFRJ and Ethel Pinheiro Santana/PROARQ/UFRJ

Steering Committee

Fabiola do Valle Zonno

Alda Azevedo

Barbara Thomaz

Ilana Sancovschi

Leonardo Muniz

Juliana Queiroz

Julia Delmondes

Luciana Secron

Marilía Chaves

Marília Ceccon

Nathalia Moreira

Pâmela Paris

Rayana Gama

Scientific Committee

Alina Santiago, UFSC

Angélica Benatti Alvim, Mackenzie

Antonio Tarcísio Reis, UFGRS

Damien Masson, Université de Cergy-Pontoise

Evelyn Furquim Werneck, UERJ

Gleice Elali, UFRN

Luiz Eirado Amorim, UFPE

Marcelo Tramontano, USP

Paulo Afonso Rheingantz, UFRJ

Stael Pereira Costa, UFMG

Day 1 | Wednesday, October 2nd
14:00-18:00 Keynote
Day 2 | Thursday, October 3rd
10:00-13:00 Presentation of the approved works + division of the workshops groups
13:00-14:30 Lunch
14:30-18:00 Presentation of the approved works + division of the workshops groups
Day 3 | Friday ,October 4th
10:00-13:00 WORKSHOP – definition of exploratory activities = RESENSIBILIZATIONS13:00-14:30 Lunch14:30-18:00 APPLICATION OF RESENSIBILIZATIONS – Center of Rio de JaneiroDay 4 | Saturday ,October 5th
10:00-11:30 Keynote

SENSES AND CITIES by Jean-Paul Thibaud, Cresson Fr



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