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The art of creating relations

The art of creating relations – of connecting spaces, people and milieux – will be fundamental qualities of ambiances in the future.

In the past it was limits, autonomous surfaces and borders that were the constitutive elements of urban and rural ambiances. Today we are at the beginning of an era in which problems of relation matter more. Such relations define territory and landscape ; they are indispensable to social, economic, ecological and architectural regeneration. New infrastructures such as the Nordbahnstrasse, La Belle-vue Fietssnelweg and Ciclovia Belém illustrate this point.

The modes of action that each of these projects depend on are different from those of projet in the past. They are collaborative and do not hesitate to employ tactics involving “guerilla” actions, mock-ups, incremental design approaches, plans for transition as indispensalbe modalities for for the creation of ambiances in the future…


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