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SIEF2019 14th Congress
Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 14-17 April 2019
PANEL: « Bring back my neighbourhood! »: Heritage, Expressive Cultures and the Production of Urban Ambiances for Tourist Consumption in the Contemporary City.


  • Inigo Sanchez (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
  • Daniel Malet Calvo (ISCTE-IUL. University Institute of Lisbon)
  • Salwa Branco (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

Panel description

The interplay of tourism and heritage is a powerful medium affecting cultural change in urban historical centers. The loss of local population, along with traditional modes of social behavior and vernacular cultural practices, or the transformation of historic neighborhoods into thematic parks for tourism consumption are some of the negative consequences of tourism, that, as some authors have noted, are often expressed in the public discourse making reference to the loss of the « authenticity » and « real feel » of urban places (Zukin 2010).

This panel seeks to analyze the impact of tourism on the urban environment, focusing on the concept of « ambiance » as a tool to explore the physical regeneration and sensory transformation of contemporary touristic places. How does heritage participates in creating particular urban ambiances and places for tourist consumption? How tourism and city development affect the lived ambiances in the urban context? What is the role of heritage and expressive practices in relation to the physical regeneration and marketing of contemporary touristic places?

We are inviting scholars from various academic fields to discuss these and other questions, theoretical frameworks and empirical findings on issues related to the relationship between heritage, expressive cultures and the production of urban ambiances for tourist consumption in contemporary cities.

More information: https://nomadit.co.uk/sief/sief2019/conferencesuite.php/panels/7222


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